April 12, 2022

An All-Female Sponsorship

Motorsport has always been considered an environment with a strong masculine connotation, but more and more women have held leading roles in recent years. The presence of women in motorsport is growing steadily and the 2022 MotoGP World Championship has given us interesting food for thought.

The Qatar Grand Prix was the setting for unveiling the collaboration between two brands from different sectors such as fashion and motorsport, led by two women.

For the first time, thanks to the synergy between Elisabetta Franchi, founder of the Bologna-based brand, and Nadia Padovani, Team Owner of the Gresini Racing Team, the grid girls wore haute couture garments: dresses, jackets, and suits made from technical materials inspired by those used by the riders.

The two women's similar life experiences, the loss of their respective husbands, have led them to move away from a strictly commercial buyer-seller relationship - Nadia was Elisabetta's customer - to a relationship in which they are involved in the same all-round project; this is also reflected in the statements made last March.

"In a very masculine world like MotoGP, this collaboration between women is meant to be a source of inspiration in terms of female initiative and the desire to work as a team," said the designer.

Nadia Padovani, for her part, inaugurated the collaboration by saying: "I have admired Elisabetta's professional path from the beginning. Our similar experiences have stimulated me to pursue my husband's project and dreams".

This collaboration will run through 2022, with the hope that the strong chemistry between the two women will lead to a long-term plan.