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Drive was founded on the knowledge that a strategic and authentic sports sponsorship can be one of the most powerful elements of your marketing mix, if well planned, structured and activated.

That’s why our team is composed of dynamic and experienced sports marketing professionals who thrive on helping our clients achieve superlative and measurable business results utilising motorsport as a global marketing platform.

Formula 1 Sponsorship Agency Formula E Sponsorship Agency MotoGP Sponsorship Agency WEC Sponsorship AgencyWEC Sponsorship Agency
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Since the early 60s, motorsport has been at the forefront of sports marketing, when Formula 1 teams started to change their liveries from their respective national colours to the iconic colour schemes of some pioneering international brands.

In fact, most of the motorsport series (from Formula 1, MotoGP to Formula E and the World Endurance Championship) are truly global platforms, touching base in 5 continents every year. A crucial aspect for multinational companies willing to engage audiences from all over the world.

Motorsport also embodies some unique values: from the performance and glamour of Formula 1 to the sustainability and innovation of the fully-electric Formula E championship. And last but not least, the passion and team spirit of the World Endurance Championship (WEC) with its legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and the excitment of wheel-to-wheel racing of MotoGP.


Today, motorsport is still at the forefront of sports marketing and brands can leverage a sports sponsorship across so many levels: from product promotion to content creation, to digital campaigns and media relations to hospitality and experiential events.

Moreover, given motorsport is directly connected to car manufacturers and blue-chip companies, teams can offer unparalleled technology integrations and B2B opportunities to their partners.

That's why we help brands, rights holders and drivers leverage the global motorsport phenomenon.