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Formula E Sponsorship

The Formula E World Championship is the first four-wheeled electric single-seater sports competition, launched not too long ago in 2014. Interest in this competition and its success continues to grow every year as the various car manufacturers' focus on environmental sustainability and engineering development increases. With 16 Grand Prix around the world over eight months, Formula E attracts millions of TV viewers and thousands of fans to the street circuits created in the heart of the host cities. Becoming a sponsor of Formula E means entering the top echelons of business, technology, and sustainability, as well as having world-class marketing opportunities. Only a Formula E sponsorship agency can guide you effectively to understand all the opportunities and an overall Formula E sponsorship cost.

Formula E Sponsorship Agency

Why sponsor Formula E

Sponsoring the Formula E championship means embodying some of the fundamental values inherent in this world: innovation, technology, teamwork, and, above all, sustainability. Yes, because when it comes to sustainability, it is important to highlight that this is now a key factor for all companies. In particular, Formula E electric cars represent the basis of tomorrow's mobility. This is one of the aspects that drive the most prestigious car brands to be present in this championship.

Another aspect to be considered if a company wants to sponsor Formula E is the place where the competition takes place: unlike Formula 1 Grand Prix, which mostly takes place on circuits far from built-up areas, Formula E races take place in the heart of the host cities. This is of crucial importance for sponsors, who can easily get to fans.

For a brand, choosing to develop a Formula E sponsorship program means first and foremost gaining global visibility and being perceived as environmentally conscious. Formula E is a B2C vehicle, but also a B2B one, with commercial agreements that can take place with global sponsors. The marketing opportunities offered by Formula E are different depending on the objective of the sponsorship agreement: these range from the creation of digital campaigns to experiential events on the circuit as well as the E-Village hospitality.

A large global audience

Analyzing the latest figures released by the official Formula E Championship website, it can be noticed that the cumulative audience following the competition has increased by 32% year-on-year to 316 million.

The average viewing time per live race has increased by 26% thanks to improved broadcast content and an alignment on start times with broadcasters.

Media agreements reached several key European and non-European markets for the broadcast of the final Formula E season, which resulted in substantial growth in audience.

The Italian audience grew by 128% as compared to the previous season, thanks to the broadcasting of the races on Mediaset networks and the satellite channel Sky Italia.

Formula E Sponsorship Agency

How sponsorship works in Formula E

Formula E lends itself very easily to sponsorship in different sectors, given the diversity of the audience. The most profitable sponsorship agreements have been signed with companies that are fundamental to the sport.

As in other world championships, logistics is the most important sector in the organization of Formula E races, and it is no coincidence that the logistics giant DHL is the official sponsor of the championship. The technology and e-mobility sectors are at the heart of this championship: not surprisingly, it has been called ABB FIA Formula E, with ABB, a leader in energy and automation, as the title sponsor. Given the sustainable nature of this competition, Enel and Bosch, at the forefront of the energy and electrification sectors, are official partners of the championship. The cryptocurrency sector is equally important, as demonstrated by the presence of Avalanche as the title sponsor of Team Andretti.

What does a Formula E Sponsorship Cost?

The main question now is: what does a Formula E sponsorship cost? It costs much less than a Formula 1 sponsorship, starting from a base of a few hundred thousand euros, up to several million euros for more structural sponsorships.

Drive Sports Marketing is a Formula E sponsorship agency

Drive was born from the awareness that a strategic and authentic sports sponsorship can be one of the most effective elements of a marketing strategy, if it is well-planned, structured, and activated.

That's why our team is made up of dynamic and experienced sports marketing professionals who, with passion, help our clients achieve superlative and measurable results using motorsport, from Formula 1 to MotoGP to Formula E, via the WEC.

Our experience and vertical expertise in sponsorship in the world of Formula E can help your company with different services to meet your different requirements.

If you are wondering how to sponsor in Formula E, all you have to do is write to us.

Drive Sports Marketing helps you build the best sponsorship program, starting from the conception of the sponsorship plan to the signing of the contract.

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