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How we work

The Challenge

Not all racing series can offer the same opportunities.

For instance, a Formula 1 sponsorship can be a very effective platform to promote your brand to a 500M global audience, while Formula E is the perfect medium to showcase your sustainability credentials and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) can be a powerful tool to strengthen clients relationships.
MotoGP, as the pinnacle of two-wheel motorsport, can be instead a powerhouse of sensational content.

The same goes for the individual teams, some have a highly engaged digital fanbase and produce very creative content, others have the best hospitality unit and technical integration opportunities.

  • Huge Global Popularity
  • Pinnacle of Technology
  • Strong Digital Channels
  • Sustainability First
  • Innovation At Its Core
  • Fan-Led Approach
  • Passion Driven
  • Car Makers Presence
  • High Accessibility
  • Highly Engaged Fan Base
  • Exciting Racing
  • Super Value for Money

The Solution

Here is where Drive comes into play, helping brands to enter the motorsport ecosystem by selecting the best platform, but also working alongside a team to create a commercial strategy or supporting a driver in developing new sponsorships.

Nothing can be more effective than a team of specialists helping you navigate the motorsport ecosystem and structure your sponsorship in the most strategic way.