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MotoGP Sponsorship

MotoGP, founded in 1949, is the top category of the two-wheel World Championships, as well as the best-known motorcycle sporting competition in the world. With 21 races in 17 countries over 9 months, from March to November, MotoGP keeps people in front of the TV and attracts fans from all over the world to the track. Therefore, a MotoGP sponsorship is a very effective tool to achieve different marketing and commercial objectives for any type of company, considering the wide audience and the different countries reached. But to do it right and also understand an overall MotoGP sponsorship cost, you need a MotoGP sponsorship agency.

MotoGP Sponsorship Agency

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A mix of value effectiveness and passionate fans

Today, MotoGP embodies some of the core values that brands must include in their narrative. Passion for the sport remains the number one selling point for brands that want to be known by motorcycle fans. To this must be added teamwork, technology, speed and efficiency, core values of many international companies. The target audience is young and very engaged with the companies that sponsor this championship, so much so that more than 80% of the audience prefers to buy products from those brands associated with the MotoGP Championship, a team or more specifically a rider because they consider them more credible and reliable.

Why sponsor MotoGP

Choosing to develop a MotoGP sponsorship program means enjoying global visibility, being a source of brand awareness, and becoming part of an exclusive club of important companies. MotoGP is a B2C vehicle, but also a B2B one, with commercial agreements that can take place with sponsors. The marketing opportunities related to MotoGP are diverse and can be adapted to the different needs of each sponsor: from visibility on the bikes, riders and team's uniforms, to the creation of social and digital campaigns to drive fan engagement, experiential events and trackside hospitality, which can also be considered opportunities to implement and develop professional relationships.

MotoGP Media and Audience: the results

Dorna, promoter and organizer of the championship, has released audience data that show how the MotoGP Championship is well followed around the world: more than 200 countries are reached by live TV, with 433 million homes connected for a total of more than 27 thousand hours broadcasted. The media personnel include almost 10,000 professionals (photographers, technicians, journalists) from 55 different countries.

On the digital side, the MotoGP phenomenon reaches and exceeds 30 million total followers on all social media, with the Instagram channel leading the way with 12.2 million users following the official competition profile.

MotoGP Sponsorship Agency

How sponsorships work in MotoGP

MotoGP easily lends itself to sponsorship in very different and varied areas. Logically, the most profitable sponsorship agreements are active in sectors that are fundamental to the sport.

As in Formula 1, logistics is the most important sector in the organisation of MotoGP races, with DHL being the official sponsor of the championship. Next up are agreements with IT technology brands such as Lenovo, known as the Title Sponsor of the Ducati Team, and cybersecurity brands such as Kaspersky, sponsor of the Aprilia Racing Team. It is crucial not to forget those brands operating in the banking and payments sector such as Mooney, the Title Sponsor of the newly formed VR46 Racing Team MotoGP, and in the oil sector such as Repsol, a company that has been the Title Sponsor of the Honda HRC Team for many years.

What does a MotoGP Sponsorship Cost?

The main question now is: what does a MotoGP sponsorship cost? Even though the MotoGP Championship is a global phenomenon, the cost of sponsorship is not as high as you might think, and the figures vary according to the company objectives, the duration of the sponsorship, whether for one Grand Prix or longer, and the benefits to be obtained: it starts from a base of 50 thousand euros and goes up to several million euros for more structured agreements. Only a MotoGP sponsorship agency can guide you effectively.

Drive Sports Marketing is a MotoGP sponsorship agency

Drive was born from the awareness that a strategic and authentic sports sponsorship can be one of the most effective elements of a marketing strategy if it is well-planned, structured and activated.

That's why our team is made up of dynamic professionals and sports marketing experts who, with passion, help our clients achieve superlative and measurable results using motorsport, from Formula 1 to MotoGP to Formula E, via the WEC.

Our vertical experience and expertise in sponsorship in the world of MotoGP can help your company with different services to meet your different requirements.

If you are wondering how to sponsor MotoGP, all you have to do is write to us.

Drive Sports Marketing helps you build the best sponsorship program, from the conception of the sponsorship plan to the signing of the contract.

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