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The World Endurance Championship, known as the WEC, is a world championship for Sports Prototype and Grand Touring cars, created in 2012 after the closure of the World Sports Prototype Championship. It is one of the most popular motorsport championships globally, with at least six events on three continents, held mainly in Europe. The best known is undoubtedly the 24 Hours of Le Mans, held at the Circuit de la Sarthe. Every year, it attracts at the circuit and at the television millions of endurance racing fans from all over the world. Becoming a sponsor in the WEC Championship is a very viable option to reach a more adult international audience interested in a different kind of competition based on endurance and durability. But to do it right and also understand an overall WEC sponsorship cost, you need a WEC sponsorship agency.

WEC Sponsorship Agency

A mix of unique values and passionate fans

Today, the WEC embodies some unique values that brands sponsoring the competition seek and want to include in their narrative. Passion for the sport remains the very first marketing lever to get across to fans: the sport offers action, overtakes, and excitement for fans. Add to that innovation, technology, and teamwork, values that are at the heart of the sport and of many world-class companies.

Choosing to develop a sponsorship program in the WEC means entering international and prestigious business areas: the most important and influential brands and companies are part of it. The WEC is a B2C as well as a B2B vehicle, with major sponsorship agreements between international companies. The marketing opportunities offered by the sport are many and varied: from visibility on the cars to promotional social campaigns, on-track events, and hospitality activities.

A large global audience

Due in part to an increased presence of television broadcasters, WEC spectators have increased considerably, and indeed there is a cumulative global audience of almost 70 million fans. Live broadcasts of races and dedicated side programs now reach a total television coverage of almost 11,000 hours.

Continued dynamic growth of digital platforms

At the same time, social platforms have also grown significantly, a clear sign of the growing interest in the sport. If we compare the data from 2014, we can notice that the three social media of reference for WEC, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have been growing steadily ever since. In particular, Instagram has seen a staggering 57% growth, which is great news as it shows how the sport is becoming more and more attractive to younger people.

Agenzia Sponsorizzazioni WEC

How sponsorship works in the WEC

WEC lends itself very much to sponsorship in different sectors and on different scales, with the understanding that the more structured sponsorships have been signed from sectors that are fundamental to the success of the championship.

Exactly as it occurs in all other world championships, logistics is the most complex sector. The giant DHL is a partner in WEC and the sponsors of the Project 1 Motorsport and Dempsey-Proton teams are respectively RTR Logistics and Fried Sped, which are companies operating in this sector.

In a sport where technology is at the forefront, the IT sector in the sponsorship arena is always very much in evidence, both at the software level, with sponsors such as DEWEsoft sponsoring Alpine Endurance Team and Acronis with Project 1 Motorsport, and at the data analysis level, with Valkyrie for United Autosports Team.

The banking and financial sectors also want to play their part in motorsport: it is no coincidence that investment companies such as Soliq and banks such as BNI have decided to sponsor Jota Team.

What does a WEC Sponsorship Cost?

The main question now is: what does a WEC sponsorship cost? Although the WEC is a global championship, the cost of sponsorship is not too high and varies greatly depending on the strategic objectives of the company and the duration of the sponsorship. It starts from a base of 50,000 euros and goes up to several million euros for more structured sponsorship agreements, a good compromise for those who want to sponsor in the world of cars. Only a WEC sponsorship agency can guide you effectively.

Drive Sports Marketing is a WEC sponsorship agency

Drive was founded on the knowledge that a strategic and authentic sports sponsorship can be one of the most effective elements of a marketing strategy if it is well-planned, structured, and activated.

That's why our team is made up of dynamic and experienced sports marketing professionals who are passionate about helping our clients achieve superlative and measurable results using motorsport, from Formula 1 to MotoGP to Formula E, via the WEC.

Our experience and vertical expertise in sponsorship in the world of the WEC can help your company with different services to meet your different requirements. If you are wondering how to sponsor in the WEC, all you have to do is write to us.

Drive Sports Marketing can help you build the best sponsorship program, from the conception of the sponsorship plan to the signing of the contract.

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