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June 29, 2022

How To Use The Sponsorship Assets

When we talk about sponsorship in motorsport, meaning all the categories that make it up, it is correct to go beyond the surface of sponsorship and understand what benefits it offers to those who sponsor a team.

We are not only and exclusively referring to the logos on the car/bike, but to everything that concerns an entire company, its values, and its history, without forgetting all the people who work within it, from the CEO to the workers.

Starting with what immediately comes to mind in the eyes of the public, namely the logo positioned on the vehicle, we can say that its position is extremely relevant and we should not be fooled by its size or where it is positioned: if we look at Formula 1, areas such as the halo or the head-rest, although small, are very strategic and generate lots of media value because being often well-framed, they make the sponsor's logo very visible and defined. This is part of what is known as branding, i.e. all those strategies and activities that make a particular brand recognisable and distinguishable from direct competitors. In addition to this, if you want to push not only the association with a team but also with a driver/rider, branding the helmet is a winning choice and one that can make all the difference.


What is the biggest dream for a motorsport fan? Having a pass to the paddock to get up close, meet, and take pictures with the drivers he/she sees racing on TV almost every weekend. Well, this is all part and parcel of the benefits that come with a sponsorship: passes for access to the paddock, but also those for access to VIP hospitality (MotoGP VIP Village and F1 Paddock Club to name a few) and their fan zones, are a great way to involve not only the executives of the sponsoring company but also as a reward for the company's employees or business associates.

Remaining in the driver sphere, a motorsport sponsorship agreement allows access to them to produce multimedia content, or it is possible to request their presence as guests at corporate events or during events where fans are also expected to attend.

A final benefit conferred by a motoring sponsorship, certainly not in terms of importance, is access to the factory of the sponsored team: inside it will certainly be possible to try out simulators or experience firsthand how a pit stop works, but it will also be possible to use a meeting room to hold company meetings in a different and perhaps more stimulating environment than the usual and classic meeting room of the company itself.

Once we understand how important and effective sponsorship benefits are, there is nothing left to add except that an agency specialising in sports sponsorship is very often needed to help the prospective sponsor select the best benefits according to its needs and mindset.