June 21, 2021

Sponsorship Activation Planning: Why It is Crucial

Let's start with that, you want to have a nice dinner and decide to cook pasta alla carbonara. You carefully write down a list of the ingredients, go to the grocery store and buy them, perhaps you have also reviewed the cooking process and, thanks to that, you and your family will have a superb dinner.

Or you decide that you want to cook pasta alla carbonara and quickly search the internet for the ingredients while you are at the grocery store. You end up buying ham and standard parmesan instead of guanciale and pecorino. On top of that, you will also mess up a bit the cooking process and you will have a miserable dinner.

How does that compare to sports sponsorship, here we go: before signing a sports sponsorship deal, a brand needs to have already in mind the key pillars of its activation plan. If not, they will end up buying useless marketing rights and leaving on the table crucial ones.

McLaren Gulf F1 2021

For instance, if your ambition as a brand is to drive traffic to your website is pretty much pointless to spend money on a large number of hospitality passes. It would be much more effective to ask for additional access to the drivers to create content. And, perhaps, just a few passes for the winners of the competitions that you will organise on your website.

In our previous article, we have already touched base on the importance of selecting the right championship and the right team but this is not enough when a sponsorship package is being negotiated without a clear idea of the activation.

That's why we decided at Drive to provide a consultancy service on activation planning, to support our clients not only in negotiating the right sponsorship but also in leveraging it most effectively.